Celebrating Successes, Near-Misses and Next-Times with Crazy Mountain Brewing

After spending some time in the financial industry and quickly realizing how taxing the rat race was, Crazy Mountain co-founder Kevin Selvy decided to make a run for it. He devised a plan to escape the monotonous world of number-crunching and cubicles and to live life as he wanted - the one in which you could skip out on work on a Friday to ski that perfect bluebird day. Kevin and his wife Marisa moved to the Vail Valley to not only begin their lifelong dream of opening a brewery, but to also enjoy all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

The company was built upon the passion for living life to the fullest and experiencing the world and it's most simplistic joys - the great outdoors! The beauty of Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, other than the beer of course, is that our location and the lifestyle surrounding it inspires us. People from all over the world who are looking for the next adventure, whatever it may be, are drawn to our Tap Rooms to have a pint and kick back from the day's successes, near-misses, and next-times. 

It's because of our strong relationship to the Rocky Mountains and Colorado that we see the value in promoting organizations that share a similar mindset. While the work-hard, play-hard mentality may be cliche, we strive to make this our reality. Partnering with organizations like Runner's Roost, Right Start Racing, Avout Racing, the McConkey Foundation, and Movement Climbing (to name a few) makes sense to us, because these teams are made up of passionate pursuers of good life and good beer. We support the active lifestyle, because we believe that our beer, although great for any occasion or setting, pairs best with a little bit of adrenaline.

So here's to your next adventure, no matter where the wind takes you - get out there and get crazy!  Get Crazy (Mountain)


EDITOR'S NOTE: Crazy Mountain Brewing is a partner with Right Start Race Management in the West Side Best Side Cross Country series. This blog post was authored by Hannah Vancuren, associate brand manager at Crazy Mountain.