Fall in Love with Winter Running

I love winter running! Wait, what?!? You don’t? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind.

My favorite part of winter running has to be the gear. I remember the first time I got a pair of running tights. They looked so cool and and felt magnificient! I loved them pretty much to death. I wore them all the time. Now I not only have tights but bootcut running pants, old-school sweats and even some capris for the warmer days. Long sleeved tops with thumbholes? The best. A puffy vest? Heck yeah. A waterproof lined jacket? Of course. Add in a hat, some gloves and a sweet neck gaiter and I am good to go in almost any weather.

Did the hustle and bustle of the holidays make you nuts? Welcome to the quiet calm of a winter run.You know what I am talking about. The trails are practically deserted almost anywhere you go. The air is crisp and fresh as you breathe it in. The brilliant winter sun creates beautiful diamond twinkles on new snow. Best of all? It's almost totally silent. A winter run can be both relaxing and energizing all at once.

And how do you feel after it’s over? C’mon! You know you feel great! You went outside, conquered the elements and lived to tell the story. You. Are. Hardcore. And you love it. So cheers to winter running!