The Importance of Not Going It Alone

The Importance of Not Going it Alone"When there is no counsel, a leader would fall. In the multitude of counsel, there is safety."

~ Enoch Tan

I have been asked why I seek advice from with other runners in an effort to learn more about my sport. And I suppose that’s a valid question considering that I make at least a portion of my living by coaching runners from high school harriers to middle-aged folks wanting to attempt their first 5Ks to friends hoping to notch that marathon personal best time.

The coach with an athlete

I always have believed that successfully helping others realize their running goals requires a collection of experiences - and not just those from my own life. 

The truth is coaching isn't about telling my athletes what to do. It’s about creating a relationship that empowers them. It’s about giving them the necessary tools to enable them to improve the level of their personal performances, accomplish their individual goals and with my high school athletes, realize team aspirations. I consult with other runners to develop new insights, strategies, practices and structures for success not only for my athletes but for myself as well.

Evolution is imperative.  

I believe that as a coach – and an athlete – I need to be continually adding to my warehouse of knowledge; applying new data and thinking in an effort to improve the way I approach my training both personally and professionally. In doing so, I not only demonstrate leadership to those I work with but enhance my own effectiveness as an athlete and competitor. Evolving is a means for initiating life-long shifts in mindset, behavior and structure for success in the sport of running. 

As a coach, I know I will always be working with new athletes; bringing them fresh ideas on training and racing. As a competitive runner, I know I will always be setting new goals for myself whether it’s going further or faster (or both). And while I generally think I know what I am doing, I understand the immeasurable value in seeking counsel from those around me who have traveled this path before or in a different manner.


Clint Boston, Right Start CoachClint Boston, Right Start Coach