It's National Foam Roller Day!


It's National Foam Roller Day and you know what that means, right? Time to roll out those stiff quads, hammies and calves!



Sit on the floor with one ankle crossed over the other and the foam roller underneath the hamstrings. Press your palms into the floor and lift your tush up a few inches. Slowly roll back and forth over the roller pausing anywhere it is particularly sore. Switch up the way your legs are crossed to hit the other hamstring.


IT Band

Lie on your side with you forearm propping up your torso and your leg resting on the roller just below the hip socket. Roll the outer thigh to the top of the knee back and forth, again pausing anywhere it is sore. Switch sides.



Sit with one ankle crossed over the other and on the foam roller underneath the calf. Press your hands down, lift your tush and roll your calf. When you hit a sore spot, pause and flex your ankle in both directions. Switch the way your ankles are crossed to loosen up the other calf.



Lie facedown with your forearms on the floor and both thighs on the roller. Roll your quads back and forth, pausing on sore spots.


A daily, targeted massage with a foam roller is one of the best ways to prevent injuries so get rolling!