"Pack" Running

This morning I woke up to a cold, gray day. I really (really) didn’t want to run. But I did. You see, I had committed to meeting up with a great group of women I have been running with for years. Now if I would have bailed, there would have been no judgment. They would have gone on their run without me and expected me to catch up with them another time.

Snooze Runners Take on Santa Barbara Marathon

I went because I wanted to go. I needed to go. As icky as the day looked, I knew it would have been worse if I hadn’t connected with “my people.”

I log bunches of miles by myself – day in and day out. I like how I can work things out or “pre-write” a blog post or two (ahem!). I can go my own pace. Stop if I want. Take pictures. Whatever.

Running with friends adds a whole new dimension to the standard outing. Today, like most days when we run together, we talked about our jobs, our kids, our next races, our training. We provided each other with advice, words of encouragement and a safe place to vent. All in the hour and a half we ran 10-plus miles around two Denver parks. The fellowship and conversation were just the things I needed to start my week off right.

Together or alone. What’s your preference?