Run Around

Don’t tell my mom but I love to run when I travel. “Why would your mom care?” you ask. Well, I am a female and there’s a whole thing about keeping safe but I don’t do stupid stuff like run along busy highways or through isolated areas. I just happen to think there's something uber cool about exploring an area on foot. 

Take for instance, a recent run I did in a nearby mountain town. I saw these deer strewn about on someone’s lawn and because it was around Christmas I thought, “What a clever way to position a display of Santa’s reindeer.” Until one of them moved that is, and I realized these deer were real.

Or the other day when I pounded out my miles on a somewhat familiar route in New York City. What made it different, and fun, was the fact it was raining really hard for most of it. In Colorado, I end up running in a lot of weather but rain isn’t usually in the mix since our showers are literally that – showers lasting no more than 15 or 20 minutes, max This was a soaking rain that continued all day long. It was run in it or don't run at all. What I found is running in the rain was sort of calming and the city seemed to be washed clean.

There’s the “art tour” I took when running in Fayetteville; the city landmarks I ran by in Austin; the neighborhood park I found around the corner from my friend’s house in Phoenix, the straight freaking uphills that resulted in amazing views in San Francisco. All of these runs enabled me to see my surroundings in a way I hadn’t before. One footfall at a time.

Where have you run that gave you a new appreciation for what’s around you?