Traveling Without Training

Cool sculptures adorn the streets of Reykjavik in Iceland.Mr. Right Start and I recently returned from a trip to Iceland (highly recommended, by the way). But unlike other trips, I didn’t bring my running shoes. Shocker, I know!

But here’s the thing, I really didn’t have any room to pack them. Traveling to Iceland in the winter means packing a lot of clothes to stay warm and dry. Then, there was the hassle of having a relatively short stay with a significant time change and all the associated jet lag. And did I mention the lack of daylight? Sunrise was around 9:00 a.m. meaning it was pitch black at the time when I would normally get up for a run. Finally, I have to admit my body was a little beat up. I had a few nagging aches and pains that stubbornly hung on despite all manner of treatment from chiropractic adjustment and massage to rolling and pain relief. I needed some time off.

So I planned to not run. And I am glad.

Instead of mapping out a bunch of running routes, we got to spend time exploring a lava cave and popping into museums and shops. We toured a super cool church in the city center that took more than 40 years to complete.

We went on a bus ride through the countryside to see an amazing waterfall and some geysers that reminded me of a mini-Yellowstone. We soaked in hot springs. We walked the city. We even saw the Northern Lights. We had a great time. And while I saw a few runners out and about, I personally didn’t miss it.

Coming back home, I launched back into training pretty hard but honestly? I felt refreshed both mentally and physically. And while I am not sure when I will hit the road without my running gear again, I have been reminded that sometimes taking a break is a very good thing.