Working Out When You Don't Have Time



Work deadlines, family issues, personal pressures … it can all add up and make it hard to fit in time for a run or any kind of workout, for that matter. We have all been there, especially you moms. But here are a few ways to take advantage of the time you do have to get out and move.


1.       Kids at soccer practice? Use that time to go for a run or walk. I actually would swim the practice when my kids were younger. I figured I had to be there anyway and cross-training can be useful during virtually any training cycle.

2.       Plan family outings. Go on a bike ride or hike as a family. You will get in your workout and serve as a role model for your children.

3.       It can be hard to fit in a workout, particularly when your children are small. But if you can’t get out, bring your exercise inside. Look for workouts that you can do at home while the kiddos are sleeping or playing. Exercise DVDs, training or yoga routines, a bike mounted on a trainer, an elliptical or even a treadmill all can be used when the kids are otherwise occupied.

4.       Work outside of the home? Take advantage of your lunch break to walk, run or ride.

5.       Join an exercise class or group. Meeting with people to exercise can make you more accountable. Sure you can look at gyms like OrangeTheory or SoulCycle but your local YMCA frequently has a variety of programs and childcare. Don’t want to pay? Many running stores have weekly run clubs. I like the ones Runners Roost offers. It doesn’t matter which location you choose, these runs are filled with friendly folks who run (or walk) your pace.


Yes, fitting exercise into your busy day can be a struggle. But with a little planning, you can do more than you think.