West Side Best Side Cross Country Series

Remember how cool it was running cross country in high school? It still is. The West Side Best Side Cross-Country Series includes several 5K-ish old-school, card-scored races held on many of the same area courses used by today's high school harriers. The run five/score three format encourages runners of all ages and abilities to come out, participate and enjoy an uncommon team bonding experience not found in many modern races. For a low entry fee, team and individual participants receive a retro t-shirt, awesome snacks and a coupon for beer (21 and older only, of course). Come relive your high school glory days or experience the fun of cross country racing for the first time. You know you want to do it! 



West Side Best Side Cross Country Series

Nov 5, 2017

Stone House Park 2900 S. Estes St. Lakewood, CO 80227


Apr 23, 2017
Fehringer Ranch Disc Golf Park
W. Quincy Ave. & S. Nelson St.
Littleton, CO 80235
Feb 26, 2017

North Area Athletic Complex 19500 W. 64th Parkway Arvada, CO 80403