The Resolution Game

I recently read a news post from a friend regarding New Year's resolutions that really struck me. While he wasn't opposed to people working to better themselves through positive life changes, he was adamantly against the idea of launching those changes on some arbitrary date like January 1. I have to say I agreResolutionswith him.


I used to go to a weekly spin class at my local Y. Every January, we'd have to go through the same drill of getting there early and signing up to ensure we'd get a bike. By February, the class size had dropped to slightly less than full so there was no longer a need to put your name on the sign-up list.  Of course by April, we were back to the 10-15 regulars who always showed up.


The thing is we all knew that would happen. In order for a resolution to stick - no matter when you decide to make it - you have to commit to doing something about it every day. Otherwise, you simply fall back into the old habits you wanted to change in the first place.


What if you fall off the wagon or don't make your goal? Don't beat yourself up over it. It happens all the time. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get things right.


Self-reflection is good. What it reveals can lead to so many positive things. My recommendation? If you are so inclined, take stock and begin making changes whenever it's right for you. It could be January 1, May 29 or some random Tuesday in October. This is your journey. Embrace it!


Happy New Year, Right Starters!