Stepping Stone 5K

Stepping Stone Communities’ mission is to create affordable homes in intentional and integrated communities for adults with and without developmental disabilities.
This concept was inspired by the success of Stepping Stone Support Center, a sister company, which since 2013 has provided prevocational and life skill training, job placement and job coaching services, and also facilitated social events and community connections. The Center now serves more than 100 individuals with developmental disabilities and has been enormously successful in guiding these individuals to live meaningful and productive lives.
But one important piece was missing: Homes of Their Own!
The individuals we work with are first and foremost ADULTS, and like all adults, they deserve to live independently in a place of their own. However, safe and appropriate options are rare and financially out of reach for the majority of these adults.
Stepping Stone Communities was formed for the purpose of providing innovative and affordable options for homes where adults with developmental disabilities can lead full and meaningful lives.
Stepping Stone Communities has selected its first project – building an apartment building with 67+ units for both adults with DD and members of the general population and plenty of community space for meals and recreation.




Jun 8, 2019
Clement Park
7306 W. Bowles Ave.